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Amplifier Type > Cabinet (1/26)

  • Marshall 1960a 4x12 Slant Speaker Cabinet Cover, Padded, Black, Tuki (mars010p)
  • 4-pack Line 6 Line6 10 Inch 8ohm Guitar Amp Cab Speaker 50 Watts Killer Deal New
  • Phil Jones Bass C8 Compact 8x5 800w 8-ohm Speaker Cabinet With Cover Red
  • Ampeg Pro Neo Series Pn-115hlf 575w 1x15 Bass Speaker Cabinet Black
  • Sonsetbeach Orange 2x12 Custom Speaker Cab New Un-loaded
  • Mojotone 1x12 Slammins Angled Speaker Extension Cabinet
  • Phil Jones Bass Cab-27 2x7 200w 8-ohm Speaker Cabinet
  • 2x10 Vertical Slanted Guitar Speaker Empty Cabinet Charcoal Black Tolex G2x10vsl
  • Eminence Vintage 50 Guitar Speaker 12731 12 Inch 50 Watt 8ohm
  • Jbl Signature Model D110f 10 Re-coned Speakers Lot Of 4
  • (no Longer In Production) Fender Vaporizer Tube Amplifier Tested F/s From Japan
  • Matched Quad 4x Vintage 1971 Sound City Fane 122190 40w 15ohm 12 Speakers 1970s
  • Peavey 1x15 Bass Cabinet Enclosure 115 Bx Bw 4 Ohm 15 Black Widow Speaker
  • Vintage Cetec Gauss Model 5101 Usa 8ohm 15 Speaker Driver With Skan Cabinet
  • Mojotone 1x12 Select Speaker Extension Cabinet With Black Cloth Loaded B-stock
  • Marshall 1976 Jmp 4x12 Angled Speaker Cabinet High Power 120w Model #1982 Black
  • Mesa/boogie Cabclone / Speaker Cabinet Simulator 8 Ohms Simulator / From Japan
  • Suhr Corso Head Amplifier 5w Sea Snake Speaker Cable