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Cabinet (1/39)

  • British 18 Watt Style 1×12 Amplifier Combo Speaker Cabinet (front Mount)
  • Wem Style Woven Replacement Grille Cloth Suitable For 4 X 12 Guitar Cabinet
  • 1x12 Bass Guitar Speaker Empty Cabinet Black Carpet Finish Us Made
  • Strauss Svt-h50r 50 Watt Valve Amplifier Head With Reverb Plus 4x12 Cabinet Blk
  • Vintage 1960s Gibson 4x10 Speaker Cabinet Early 70s Guitar Pa Bass Tolex 4-10
  • 2x12 Vertical Slanted Guitar Speaker Empty Cabinet Charcoal Black Tolex G2x12vsl
  • 1x12 Extension Guitar Speaker Empty Cabinet Orange Tolex G112sl-botlx
  • 1x12 Bass Guitar Compact Empty Speaker Cabinet Black Carpet Finish Minibg112-bc
  • Line 6 Spider Iv 320w 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  • Bad Cat Standard Extension Cabinet 2x12 Open Back 4-ohm Celestion Speakers
  • Mojotone 1x12 Lite American Style Speaker Extension Cabinet
  • Thiele Ported Passive Cab Cabinet With Pete Anderson Hempdog Speaker, Tuki Cover
  • Blackstar Ht-112 Speaker Cabinet Good Condition
  • Rawcabs Dove Tail Joint 2x12 Empty Rear Load Open Back Pine Speaker Cabinet
  • Darkglass Electronics Black Vinyl Speaker Cabinet Water Resistant Dg410n 4x10
  • Orange Pc108 Black 1 X 8 Speaker Cabinet Perfect For Use With The Micro Dark
  • Paul Reed Smith Prs 4x10 Guitar Speaker Cabinet 8 Ohm
  • 5e3 Narrow Panel Tweed Deluxe Guitar Combo Speaker Cabinet With Nitro Lacquer